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  1. CaPpInJaCkSpAdEs

    Staff Report - Percy

    As a long time member of this forum and an expert in the ways of RDM, I do not believe that Percy would ever be a biased party. He is the best memeber of this community. Percy is a strong woman and a beautiful kind soul, in no way would he do anything wrong. Also the clip of RDM is pretty...
  2. CaPpInJaCkSpAdEs

    Denied CottonFliffinNinnyMuggins Staff App

    1. What is your time zone and country of residence? USA and CST 2. Your age: 24 3. Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:115531982 4. Your Steam profile URL: 5. Your In-game roleplay name: CottonFliffinNinnyMuggins 6. Your Steam name: CottonFliffinNinny...
  3. CaPpInJaCkSpAdEs

    Good Bye

    I had fun on the server and caused trouble n shet, it was great times. Now, though, I have shitty internet and i find there to be way to much drama, for a game LUL, to remain a player. I will stay in the discord n shit but i will no longer be in game or on these forums. Glad i got to meet some...
  4. CaPpInJaCkSpAdEs

    Denied bessa trooks unban appeal

    That was my original response but then you attacked me in 2 separate discords and banned me in one a few times all for drama sake. This is my only point. I explained to Clark cuz i like him. I don't start rumors I have a few witnesses of that event. If your actions outside the server matter you...
  5. CaPpInJaCkSpAdEs

    Denied bessa trooks unban appeal

    So just based off recent things within the last week I have been banned and attacked by Bessa 2 times. She attracts drama and seeks it actively, I believe she has had enough chances to change herself but she doesn't take anything seriously. I don't think her being unbanned again only to be...
  6. CaPpInJaCkSpAdEs

    im fucking off for good. bye.

    im fucking off for good. bye.
  7. CaPpInJaCkSpAdEs

    Denied Klarc's Staff Application

    -1 Clark is cool af but i dunno if he could be a staff boi, you could give him the chance but I just don't see him making it.
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  9. CaPpInJaCkSpAdEs

    Approved Credence Corvus - Trial Moderator Application

    +1 Credence is pretty helpful person and he doesn't troll all that much. He is still a school shooter so be wary. but he deserves a chance to be staff I think he would be a good addition.
  10. CaPpInJaCkSpAdEs

    Denied admin aply

    - 1 He is school shooter dont do et
  11. CaPpInJaCkSpAdEs

    Approved Duchess Rose's Staff Application

    +1 out of the previous staff I had the best interactions with Rose she was kind and respectful towards people, having her back as staff would be a good thing. She is a also the best fox :D
  12. CaPpInJaCkSpAdEs

    Stalker :P was reading your stuff on Clark's XDDD

    Stalker :P was reading your stuff on Clark's XDDD
  13. CaPpInJaCkSpAdEs

    Be like a tree drop the dead leaves.

    Be like a tree drop the dead leaves.
  14. CaPpInJaCkSpAdEs

    Denied Porties unban appeal

    +1 for the meme but that shit storm did get a lot of people screwed over definitely deserve an unban. Doesn't change our last interaction though.
  15. CaPpInJaCkSpAdEs

    Denied bessa trooks unban appeal

    +1 May have issues with bessa myself but im not blind to the fact people were looking for the tiniest reason, which I mean she does troll and minge but i mean i do and so does every active member. but I'd like to think I know bessa well enough that she would not say "faggot" (tbh I'd be the one...
  16. CaPpInJaCkSpAdEs

    Approved Larry Saltwater Ban Appeal

    +1 cuz Larry is my boi and I know he wouldn't do anything against the rules if he wasn't just joking around and honestly the warning would've been good enough in the first place not sure why the staff member went straight to a ban rather than talk it out :unsure::unsure::unsure:
  17. CaPpInJaCkSpAdEs

    Denied Staff Application

    My boi this application is entertaining as hell LMAO