Game Master Rules and Guidlines

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These must be followed as they are stated below; if these are not followed you will be disciplined.
If you have any questions or concerns please contact a Manager. Thank You.



1.) Please make sure to build your event props or buildings either on a single player server, Quidditch, Chamber, Great Hall, Whomping Willow or if you choose to do so you may build under the map so you don't distract players or so they may not interfere with your builds. If you decide to build in Quidditch or Great Hall it must not be an active class. You may also decorate rooms if the classroom is not active.

2.) Please do not scale, recolor, retexture, or set new player models outside of an event. You may only do this during an event, but the only models you may not set people as are custom roles (it is okay to set them as a custom YOU paid for, but no others)

3.) No rag dolling players unless using the spell "Levicorpus".

4.) No personal favors or favoritism towards friends, like giving them extra rewards and such or always making them event characters.

5.) Please do not give yourself all of the spells or boost yourself to the highest year. This goes for all Game Masters, Admins, and Managers.

6.) Do not spam play url/sound; only play them during events. To stop sound for the server do "!stopsound" in chat; for client side have the players type "stopsound" in console.

7.) Under no circumstances should you ever attempt to crash the server; we utilize a strict update procedure, and attempting to crash the server without prior approval from the owner will result in disciplinary actions; No exceptions whatsoever.

8.) Shop credits shall not be given out by staff; they are for server functionality only. No exceptions.

9.) Do not spawn NPC's that drop weapons. Guns should never, under any circumstances, be spawned on the server.

10.) Give rewards accordingly to event size.

11.) Do not spawn vehicles, they do crash the server.

12.) All β€œBig Events” must be planned ahead of time and approved by The Head Game Master or a Manager.

13.) Do not give out XP, Galleons, wands, or spells unless you are hosting an event that has been announced on Discord.

14.) Do not leave props around the map if they have no purpose being there unless for an event. Please delete them if you're not doing anything with them.

15.) Please log your events in #event-logging and post what major events you are working on/planning in #event-progress on Discord.

16.) If you created an event that will have winners announced you may not participate in it. Please do not reward yourself on your own events.

17.) Players should always have an option to leave or join an event, so please do not block any doors. If the event is like a tournament or an elimination event players may not join after you've done final call.

18.) Staff Members may not interfere with events, but can question them if they think you might be breaking the rules, if you suspect something is breaking the rules please contact a Manager or Puma and let them handle the situation. Please communicate with each other about certain things happening on the server, especially if you have any questions. If there is a party going on, mainly in the Great Hall or Chamber, there will be an exception to the mic spam rule when the media player is not working.


Passive Events:

1.) These events are very small unannounced events that do not have to fit the Hogwarts theme. Do try to communicate with online staff that you are starting one of these before hand.

2.) Chocolate boxes, small potions, and potions ingredients are to only be given out during these events.


Small Events:

1.) These events can be announced less than a day, but at least an hour in advance. These events do not have to fit the Hogwarts theme.

2.) You may only give out 1 reward for all players or winners of the event.

3.) The max XP you are allowed to give out per player for these events will be no more than 1,000XP.

4.) Max Galleons you are allowed to give is 5k.*

*Limits on galleons are subject to change based on the economy at the time


Big Events:

1.) These events must be announced a few days or more in advance and have a general goal. These events must also have a Hogwarts/Fantasy theme to it and fit RP.

2.) You may only host 2 of these a week.

3.) You may give out 2 - 3 rewards for all players or winners of the event.

4.) The max XP you are allowed to give out per player for these events will be no more than 4,500XP.

5.) Max Galleons you are allowed to give is 20k.*

*Limits on galleons are subject to change based on the economy at the time


Link to a Hogwarts Map very similar to the one we have, you may use on a single player game to create events:
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