Introductions to Slytherin House.

Would like to give a warm greeting to all the purebloods being accepted by the Sorting Hat this year into the Slytherin House. My name is Draco "Lucius" Malfoy, but you can call me either Draco or Mr. Malfoy..... Draco is fine. I am the Slytherin Prefect residing over this house and hopefully during the years of spending time with each other I hope everyone within this house will treat everyone at the end as family.

House Rules.

  1. Being friends with either Gryffindors or Hufflepuffs give us a bad reputation. Slytherin and Gryffindors have been at each others throat for decades and we wont be becoming friends with them anytime soon. Hufflepuffs…. I guess one friend wouldn't hurt, but staying around and talking with them for so long might cause you to lose a brain cell.
  2. Cheating off of other students during class and out of class is totally accepted, UNLESS, they are from your own house. Cheating from a student within your own house is almost like taboo. NEVER do it, or be scrutinized by everyone within.
  3. Picking a fight with your fellow house member will cause you to be terminated and expelled out of Slytherin house. We do condone rough housing and name calling of all sorts. But when you deliberately become physical and the fists fly, That is when you cross the line and we put an end to it.
  4. Quidditch matches come up every now and then and during those times we would like to ask of you who are NOT on the Slytherin Quidditch team to please stay in the stands and cheer the rest of us on. (Also if you were wondering Slytherin uses the Nimbus 2001 Broomstick.)

Slytherin Quidditch Team.

  • Seeker ~ Open.
  • Keeper ~ Open.
  • Beater ~ Draco Malfoy.
  • Beater ~ Open.
  • Chaser ~ Astorias Dragonius.
  • Chaser ~ Open.
  • Chaser ~ Open.

All of the positions that are open please have a word with me either during school or send me an owl, "Discord Message." We will have tryouts whenever we have enough applicants. (Yes every single position except for the one currently held is open, I am trying to create a legit team.) Also those who have poor grades and are on the team will, NOT, be allowed to play during that game. We will have to substitute you in with another player until you get your grades back up. Thank you for understanding.

Study Hour.

Would like to announce that during Free Period, all Slytherin who have fallen behind and have poor grades may go to their common room and set themselves up a study group to get themselves back on track. Please do not fall behind in your studies, for if you do, then there won't be any quidditch matches or fun activities for everyone. Thanks.


This concludes my message and welcoming along with some helpful tidbits here and there. Thank you for all the Slytherin throughout the year and many years to come that have been here through thick and thin in an attempt to make Slytherin a better house than it has ever been. I am proud to call everyone family. Thank you all and have a Merry Christmas.

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