Approved Larry Saltwater Ban Appeal

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Your in-game roleplay name: Larry Saltwater

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:94945034

Your Steam profile url:

Why were you banned?: Player disrespect, staff disrespect, freespelling an admin.

Who banned you?: Cole Lucifer.

Ban length?: One week.

Why should we unban you?: I believe I should be unbanned because my ban was partially false.

Evidence of innocence: When I got banned, I did not disrespect a single player that day. I heard Creedence reported me for player disrespect but I did not say a single word to him. (No I am not lying. Why would I if I am about to admit to the other things?) I remember a few weeks ago he did report a few other players and I and I have already been spoken to about it. Therefore, I did not disrespect him anymore. Next is the freespelling a staff member. I went down into the Chamber of Secrets and Cole was down there. Yes, I was freespelling him. I was using lightning spell and then healing him each time while he was AFK. I had no intent to kill him. Most staff members understand my humor but I do clash with a few. I don't know Cole well and he took it as me trying to kill him or something. My point is if it was anyone else, they would not warn and then ban me. Next is the staff disrespect. Cole warned me for freespelling me and I did talk back because it obviously made me angry being warned for a harmless joke towards him. Yes I understand I shouldn't have done either of these things but like I said, other staff members would have at the most verbally warned me.
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+1 I think it was just a misunderstanding! Larry is really sweet i'm sure he didn't mean to cause anyone harm! :)
+1 cuz Larry is my boi and I know he wouldn't do anything against the rules if he wasn't just joking around and honestly the warning would've been good enough in the first place not sure why the staff member went straight to a ban rather than talk it out :unsure::unsure::unsure:
Ur ban was over yesterday larry, about the same time u posted this


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+1 deffo should let larry come back, hes always nice and i never see him do anything bad.
@Cole Lucifer nah, still had 5 hours. And the main reason I even made the appeal was to shed light on how you banned me with false information out of anger. It was obviously you were mad when you were back from being afk and just put that anger out on me. I strongly feel like something needs to be done about you.
I have physical proof for ur ban Larry I wasn’t mad, I had multiple reasons to ban u and I tried to talk to u but u refused to listen
I’m sorry u feel that way about me but I’m not like other admins or moderators. I’m not online to make friends or get ur humor. U break rules there are consequences.
@Cole Lucifer it isn’t a job. You aren’t getting paid. It is a game, games are meant to be fun. You get a sense of power by enforcing these rules so strictly. And no you did not try to explain them to me. I asked multiple times why I was being banned and you would not tell me and you muted me multiple times before I could even say something in chat. You did not follow your own rules as a moderator or trial mod or whatever you are. You aren’t even a staff member dude so how was I disrespecting staff? You are equivalent to an intern somewhere except it is unpaid and you get no life skills out of being a trial mod and you aren’t going to put that on a resume... like I said, I was begging for a reason for my ban but you were unable to give it to me and just muted me because you didn’t want to give me a reason. Don’t lie and say you tried telling me and I wouldn’t listen, you ignored me and muted me and literally said you are not talking to me. It is funny how you enforce rules that you do not follow. Whatever dude it is a game. Not a big deal but it obviously is to you if you are going to enforce rules falsely and then use lies in your defense because being a trial mod is more important to you and your ego than owning up to the truth and admitting that you made a mistake. Let’s see that proof.
Also... If you claim to be this authority figure, I would think you would try to use proper grammar on an “official forum.”
If u have an issue with me, can report me to an appropriate manager. And I’m not saying u can’t have fun just don’t break rules. :)


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This thread went downhill real fast, accepted user has already been unbanned.
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