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We recommand using the 'chromium' branch of GMod.
Go to your Steam Library> Right click Garry's Mod> Properties>Beta tab> Change it to chromium

How to connect to the server?

Click here to connect to the server! if you already have Garry's Mod instaled.

Or from developer console: connect

Or add the IP to your favourites, refresh the list & join!

I see ERROR models and missing textures !

Things you can try:

Make sure you have enabled "Allow all custom files from server" in gmods main menu - Options - "Other" tab menu.
Restart your Garry's Mod and re-join the server! Don't just re-join make sure you exit Garry's Mod!

Verify integrity of game cache by right-clicking Garry's Mod

Unsubscribe from ALL your workshop addons, they may conflict with the servers

Server should download every workshop content needed for you automatically on join so techinally you dont need to be subscribed to anynthing! ( However if you subscribe to our list of addons you should be able to join faster! You can do that in-game by typeing !addons in chat. )

You can also do it in-game: Gmod main menu - Addons - Unsubscribe all, Disable all.

Restart Garry's Mod and rejoin the server!

Uninstall Garry's Mod from steam and go to the install directory:

Go to the install directory:

Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/GarrysMod
Program Files/Steam/steamapps/workshop

Highlight these folders called "GarrysMod" & "workshop" from the paths above then hit SHIFT + DEL
on your keyboard to delete the folders permanently that steam leaves behind.
Then re-download gmod from steam.

I have low fps!

● Garry's Mod main menu ► Options ► Video ► Advanced ► Antialiasing mode: none

● Add fps configs to your autoexec.cfg in steam\\steamapps\common\garrysmod\garrysmod\cfg
Try to add gmod fps configs from here

● You can also google gmod fps configs yourself, there are a lot of possibilities out there.

● You can get +10 fps by disabling aero thame in your windows !
(Win10) Right-click This PC ► Properties ► Advanced System Settings ► Performance Settings
(Win7) Right click task bar ► Properties ► Untick “Use Aero Peek to preview the desktop"

● Control panel ► Power Options ► Perfomance mode

To see your power plans on Windows 10, right-click the battery icon in your system tray and choose “Power Options.” This screen can also be accessed from the Control Panel. Click the “Hardware and Sound” category and then select “Power Options.” From here, you can select Perfomance mode.

● If you use a laptop your CPU works better if you have it pluged in the AC adapter.

● Disable unwated programs from start up, and restart your PC.
(Win10) Press: Ctrl + left shift + Escape to bring up Task Manager Startup tab
(Win7) Start type: msconfig press enter Startup tab Untic programs

My F4 menu is not working!

If you are on a laptop hold down the FN key and it'll enable functionality for the F keys until it's no longer held down.
If you are on a mac press function key + F4
Other thing you can try:
Type "unbind f4" in your game console.
Go to options Keyboard options SPARE 2 set an other button

I can not hear anyone's voice!

Restart Garry's Mod it's a rare client side bug.

I can hear stuck annoying sounds!

F4 Commands "Stopsound" button.
You can also go to in-game developer console and type in: stopsound

How to enable in-game developer console?

For useful chat and console commands click here !

If nothing works out please contact us on our discord channel at:
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