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Your in-game roleplay name: Shantaya Barnes
Your SteamID: glossy
Your Steam profile url:
Why were you banned? I was not given a reason, It just said I was added to the ban list and would disconnect me whenever I tried to join the server again. The individual that banned me (prior to being banned he would kick me from the game because there was an admin on that he didn't want me to report him to) talked to me for a lengthy period of time. He gave me an official warning for saying "Jack Mango" (now Roche) sounded like a leprechaun in response to him mocking the way my voice sounded. Roche would continue to follow me around the map and rdm me, I reported him to Cole and Cole did nothing.
Who banned you? Cole
Ban length? I believe it was for a week
Why should we unban you? Because I was told that what I did wasn't even a bannable offense. Cole was also scared of me reporting him so he muted me in-game and then proceeded to kick me whenever I tried to rejoin the server because I told him I would be reporting him to a superior, he would cage me and Selena in game and laugh about it, Cole and his friends would free spell on other players. When I told him I would be reporting him (after my first official warning) that is when he kicked me, then when I tried rejoining he would kick me. So I waiting until the next day to join the server. When I did join Selena Gomez saw me in game and went to my character to see what the problem was, when Cole saw this took place (i'm assuming he was spectating my character, etc.) he registered me to the ban list and removed me from the game.
Evidence of innocence: Selena Gomez and Jan were witnesses and you can ask them for the names of others that were around during the slew of events that took place.


CC Staff
Community Supervisor
Hey Shantaya! You were banned by Melo for 1 week, and you were in a sit with both Cole & Melo. Before i go over what the staff could have done better i woud like to talk about you and your appeal.
Ban appeals should be serious and provided with proper evidence of the situation, what happened/where/when and why your ban was unjust, so videos and pictures of the situation. In the Evidence of innocence question, I want and picture and videos, i dont need your friends, family, aunt and uncle's contact information, i need proof, if not in your appeal atleast in a pm on discord. As the Staff manager i deal with staff abuse and ban appeals, so coming to me with your stuff like your ban would be a good first step on getting the whole situation dealt with.
About you ban, i think it was just, you and the other player were interupting the staff member instead of letting eachother talk so that the situation could be dealt with. You were also calling someone a racist for snatching you, and then left the server witch lead to you getting banned by Melo.

Summary of the whole situation:
They/she/he could have taken it more seriously if it really mattered. Messaging me with about their side of the story would be a good start.
- I also think that the Evidence of innocence: question was poorly answered "talk to my friends they know what happened" isnt really evidence, i need pictures/videos of the whole situation, i expect ban appeals to be taken seriously, and provided with evidence of why their ban was unjust. I dont need the contact information of their mom, dad, cousin and brother, it dosent really prove anything.
- Melo Provided me with evidence of the sit and her/his behavior, and i therefore think that the warn and ban was justified. "Cole was also scared of me reporting him so he muted me in-game and then proceeded to kick me whenever I tried to rejoin the server because I told him I would be reporting him to a superior" - if it was this serious i would have needed proof of it, witch i never got.

The sit could have been done differently F eks: Letting the player finish and not gagging without telling she/he. Also shoud have made sure to let the player know that they are being warned, and maybe not moving Selena and telling her to be quiet until its her turn to talk(what staff could do is to tell them at a start/mid - sit that they will get their turn to talk so that we could avoid screams/insults/interuptions and if they interupt staff/player you could gag them, make sure to let them know they are being gagged so its more proffesional))<--- Just some points
- Jailing should only be used if feks: Banished player is running around(could just !bring) but isnt against the rules, i personally think its harder to work with the "!jail" command, there is a !tpjail or something like that that teleports and jails the player so staff could have that instead and jailed them in the sit area.

OK, so after all this we have come to the conclusion that the ban was just, but that the sit could have been handled better by the staff members, the sit was both messy and chaotic, and both sides could have done better, the sit was handled very unprofessionally. I talked to Melo and we agreed that 1 week was a little too harsh, so your ban will be reduced to 3 days. I hope that we can put this behind us, your ban was reduced and will be put under the "Approved" section in the ban appeals. After all this i hope that both parties learned from this, so that we can avoid situations like this in the future. So that we can help eachother with problems and work together on improving the community, so that the server/discord/forums is a fun and enjoyable place where anyone can put their opinions & ideas without any drama. Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.

For any future problems/questions about the server or your appeal feel free to pm me on Discord or steam.
Discord: Didrik#1594
~ Staff manager Didrik
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